The Alumni Association at K G College is a thriving community of former students dedicated to maintaining their connection with their alma mater. It serves as a vital link between the college and its alumni, offering a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development. This report provides an overview of the association’s structure, activities, and impact.


Annual Reunions: The association organizes annual reunions, which serve as a major event to bring together alumni from different graduating classes. It offers a chance for reminiscence and reconnecting with old friends and faculty.

Networking Events: Regular networking events provide opportunities for alumni to forge professional connections and exchange ideas. These events often include panel discussions, workshops, and guest speakers.

Mentorship Programs: The association runs mentorship programs matching alumni with current students or recent graduates. This fosters a culture of support and guidance, helping younger alumni navigate their careers and personal growth.

Alumni Seminars and Workshops: The association hosts seminars and workshops on topics of interest to alumni, such as career development, entrepreneurship, and continuing education. These events provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.

Alumni Association Members

1. Dr. Thomas Baby (Convener)

2. Nishitha P. Mathew

3. Lt. Renish Joseph

4. Preethy Saira Philip

5. Dr. Wilson C. Thomas

6. Aleyamma George

7. Mahima Ann Abraham

8. Roy Jose

9. Amitha Elza Jacob