The department of Physical Education, since its inception in 1981, has been functioned with the aim of enriching physical fitness, developing skills and building confidence to meet the challenges of every day life. The department offers an open course in ‘Physical Health and Life Skill Education’ intended to familiarise the modern concepts of health, physical fitness, life style diseases, first aid and life skills. The department provides regular coaching for Hand Ball, Tug-of-War, Roller Skating, Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis and Ball Badminton teams of the college. Athletics and other games like Chess and Yoga are also being promoted to ensure the participation of students in the inter collegiate competitions. Intramural competitions for Volley Ball, Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Throwball, Chess etc. are being conducted regularly in the college. ‘Jubilee Cup Cricket Tournament’ for Staff and students is organised to create a warm relationship between staff and students of the college.