The Media Cell of Kuriakose Gregorios College is a crucial entity responsible for managing and promoting the institution’s image, communication, and interactions with the external world. It plays a vital role in showcasing the college’s achievements, events, and activities to a broader audience, including students, parents, alumni, and potential stakeholders.

It involves student members which helps enhance and promote students’ skills in Content creation, Communicative and design skills, Photography and Videography, etc. Participation in the Media Cell provides students with a holistic development experience that goes beyond academic learning. It equips them with essential skills, offers professional and personal growth opportunities, and enhances their readiness for future careers. By engaging actively in the Media Cell, students can make significant contributions to their college while preparing themselves for the professional world.

Student Members

Mr. Naveen Mathew
M Com Final
Student Co-ordinator

M Com Final
Student Member

Ms.Arsha S
D3 Zoology
Student Member

Ms. Aiswarya Anilkumar
D2 Zoology
Student Member

Faculty Co-Ordinator’s

Mr Arjun S
Faculty Coordinator
Post Graduate Department of Zoology

Dr Retheesh R
Faculty Coordinator
Department of Physics

Mr Anoop K R
Faculty Coordinator
Department of Languages

Ms Noel Anna Abraham
Faculty Coordinator
Department of Chemistry

Technical Co-Ordinator

Mr Ajay Philip Varghese
Technical Consultant
Department of Economics (Alumnus)