The Research Assessment Committee is established following the directives of the University Grants Commission (UGC). The main objectives of this committee include the following:
– To assess research proposals, whether they are minor or major projects.
– To select suitable candidates for funding proposals.
– To scrutinize and evaluate proposals for seminars and conferences submitted by teachers of the college.
– To foster an environment that encourages research and innovation, and to promote a research culture among students.
– To undertake any other responsibilities that relate to the assessment and evaluation of research in the college.

Research Assessment Committee

  1. (Dr.) Renny P. Varghese (Principal)
  2. Geevarghese M. Thomas (Convener)
  3. (Dr.) Mini Joseph
  4. A. Priya.
  5. Thomas Baby
  6. Wilson C. Thomas
  7. Harilakshmeendra Kumar (Academic Expert)
  8. Jijo Joseph (Industrial Expert)