KG College provides a well-maintained hostel facility that offers the students a convenient and safe place to live. St. Eulithee Women’s Hostel stands as a strong pillar of support for the female community within the college. Under the diligent guidance of Smt. Aleyamma Thomas, who serves as the dedicated warden, the hostel offers a nurturing environment akin to home for those away from their families. With a capacity to accommodate 67 individuals, it ensures top-tier shelter and safety. The hostel operates under a well-structured committee, ensuring smooth functioning and addressing the diverse needs of its residents. Not only does it prioritize safety and comfort, but it also fosters a sense of community through various recreational activities. Additionally, amenities such as pad vending machines are readily available, promoting convenience and accessibility for all. Embracing sustainability, the hostel adopts eco-friendly practices like biogas utilization, minimizing its environmental footprint. Moreover, its commitment to health extends to its menu selection, offering wholesome and nutritious meals to promote well-being among residents.