Our college is home to one NCC Company, operating under 16 KER Bn NCC Kottayam as the 7th Company, boasting a cadet strength of 107. Enrollment is open to both boys and girls, fostering discipline and patriotism among the youth. The primary goal is to shape the cadets and motivate them to serve the nation by joining the Army. NCC activities encompass physical training, weapon training, map reading, and more, including a dedicated Guard Team. Regular parades are conducted on Saturdays and other suitable days, alongside instilling a strong sense of social responsibility in the cadets, who actively engage in community service initiatives.

In addition to rigorous training, our NCC program emphasizes the importance of social commitment, encouraging cadets to participate in various social service projects. The cadets extend their support to civil administration when needed, showcasing remarkable dedication during crises such as floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, cadets have the opportunity to partake in national camps like RDC, EBSB, SNIC, Shooting Camp, and Army Attachment. These experiences not only enrich their skills but also broaden their horizons, preparing them for future leadership roles and service to the nation.

The holistic approach of our NCC Company goes beyond military training, focusing on character development and instilling values of responsibility and service. Through a blend of physical activities, social initiatives, and national camp participation, cadets are equipped with a well-rounded skill set that prepares them for a life of purpose and contribution to society. The unwavering commitment of our cadets to both personal growth and community welfare exemplifies the ethos of our NCC Company, reflecting a deep-rooted sense of duty and patriotism among the youth.

NCC @ KG College

Lt. Renish Joseph (Associate NCC Officer)

SUO George Kiran Tommy

CSM Lakshmipriya A M

e-mail: ncc@kgcollege.ac.in