The institution prioritizes the well-being of physically handicapped students by providing a Divyagjan-friendly campus. Our campus is equipped with a range of facilities to meet the unique needs of physically handicapped students, including:

Accessibility Features: Our campus is equipped with ramps and rails alongside stairways, ensuring smooth mobility for wheelchair users and those with mobility aids. These facilities enable students to move around the campus independently and safely.

Wheelchair Availability: We understand the importance of providing reliable transportation for students with mobility challenges. Therefore, we have wheelchairs available on campus for those who may require them.

Dedicated Washrooms: We have meticulously designed and furnished divyangjan-friendly washrooms that cater to the specific needs of physically handicapped students.

At our institution, we believe that diversity is a strength and that every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed. We are proud to be a divyangjan-friendly campus and will continue to strive for excellence in our efforts to support physically handicapped students.