Anti-narcotic cell of our college has been constituted to maintain a drug-free campus by the support of the teachers, students, parents, and the entire college community. An effective vigilant committee has been constituted to execute the functions of the cell and also to impart awareness against the use of drugs on campus. Educating the students about the negative impact of all types of drug addictions, encouraging peer policing among students against the use of drugs and reporting any noticed use of drugs by the students are also the duties of the anti-narcotic cell. The extensive use of narcotics within and outside educational institutions has become a serious concern nowadays. It is the exact time for the teachers and parents to work together to eradicate this evil force. The highly energetic youth can be guided by education and at the same time by warning against the adverse effects of narcotics. With this noble intention, we also formed an anti-narcotic club of students under the college anti-narcotic cell.

Motto of the Anti-narcotic cell

“Become Anti- narcotic; help to chain the evil.”

Objectives of the Anti-narcotic Cell

  • Take a stand against any harmful drug
  • Take a stand for a drug free life
  • Support the national anti-drug campaign
  • Respect our body and mind

Office Bearers

  1. Dr. Thomas Baby (Convener)
  2. Lt Renish Joseph
  3. Dr. Wilson C. Thomas
  4. Ms. Gopika Raj P.