The Mar Gregorios Chapel, located near the college, serves as a place for spiritual reflection and growth for individuals of all backgrounds. It is a serene and beautiful space that welcomes people regardless of their caste or creed. The chapel hosts prayer meetings and MGOCSM gatherings, providing students and staff with opportunities for communal worship and spiritual development.

With its tranquil atmosphere and inclusive environment, the Mar Gregorios Chapel plays a significant role in the spiritual life of the college community. It offers a peaceful sanctuary where individuals can come together to pray, meditate, and seek solace. The chapel’s proximity to the college makes it easily accessible, allowing members of the campus community to participate in religious activities and connect with their faith.

Overall, the Mar Gregorios Chapel stands as a symbol of the college’s commitment to fostering spiritual well-being among its students and staff. By providing a space for prayer and reflection that is open to all, regardless of their religious background, the chapel promotes unity and understanding within the campus community. Its presence enriches the college experience, offering a place of peace and reverence for those seeking spiritual growth and connection.