Kuriakose Mar Gregorios, The Patron Saint of our College

Pampady Dayara Chapel is the tomb church of Kuriakose Mar Gregorios (5 April 1885 – 5 April 1965) known as Pampady Thirumeni.

The saintly Bishop, familiarly known as ‘Pampady Thirumeni’ is an inspiring memory in this land. His prayers have brought showers of blessings upon everyone associated with the college and elevated this temple of learning from humble beginnings to its present pinnacles of glory.

Born on the 5th of April, 1885, (His demise was also on April 5), Pampady Thirumeni was the very essence of simplicity. The boy Kuriakose was the favourite of his about him. His great interest in prayer and attending church service marked him out for a pious life.

He was ordained Deacon in 1899. After the study of theology at M. D. Seminary, he came back to Pampady. He had become a reputed Syriac Pandit by this time. People living in and around Pampady remember with awe and nostalgia how Deacon Kuriakose fasted and prayed for 3 days leading a group of people in Pampady church for the blessing of rain to the drought-ridden Pampady. After 3 days, food was served to the people who had attended the prayer. Suddenly it began to rain! It was as if the heavens had opened and blessed Pampady. After this incident, Deacon Kuriakose was looked up to with reverence by the people and they approached him with their troubles.

In 1929, he was ordained Bishop. Bishop Kuriakose Mar Gregorios was affectionately called ‘Pampady Thirumeni’. Thirumeni’s prayers performed various miracles. He went to the plague-affected Kunnamkulam and not a single person died of this deadly disease after he stepped on the outskirts of the town. The wonders performed by this great Sanyasi showed the world that, ‘more things are wrought by prayer than this world dream of’.

Thirumeni was depressed due to the problems in the church and felt the grave need for a proper place to pray. Madathilasan, sensing the need of his former student, gave him 12 acres of land on Pothenpuram hill for a nominal price. There, Thirumeni set up his abode and devoted his life to prayers and charity. On this elevated place between heaven and earth, prayed this great Mystic and his prayers still continue in the Almighty’s serene presence. Pampady lost a great lover of mankind when Thirumeni’s soul departed from his transient body on the 5th of April, 1965, and reached its creator.