Department of Economics

Launched in 1991, the Department of Economics has established itself as a major centre for teaching and learning in Under Graduate Programme in Economics. The programme provides a rigorous understanding of Economics; furthermore it also gives students an exposure to econometrics and quantitative techniques. The whole learning process sharpens the students’ sensibilities and capacities and enable them to think actively about the economic and social present. Other than teaching assignments, the Department is also involved in academic and research activities such as conducting workshops and seminars. We are proud of a well-stocked library, which is consistently expanded to meet our growing academic requirements.

A distinctive feature of the Department is the ready accessibility of its faculty to students. The department gives emphasis on academic interests of its students and the whole process is student centric. This in turn helps to bridge the gap between the learning pace of different students in our classrooms.  In this learning process there is continuous evaluation and students with academic difficulties have the opportunity of resolving their problems. We are proud that the Department acts as an excellent training ground for budding economists.

Remarkable Programs Organised by the Department are:

  • Foundation Course for First Year Graduates
  • Prof .C.I Ittoop Memorial Annual Lecture Series since 2016.
  • Extension activity in the Adopted Village of the College.
  • CESS – Capability Enhancement Scheme for Students.
  • Certificate Course – Social Science for Competitive Exams 2021-22.
  • Certificate course on First Aid & Safety 2022-23.
  • Esemplare – A hunt for KG’s youth icon since 2013

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